Brent W. A. Henderson
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Brent W. Warberg, writing under the byline of  Brent W. A. Henderson, retired after 25 years as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, now resides in North Georgia.     During his service with the FBI,  he did profiles and was a hostage negotiator. He then worked for a psychiatrist exclusively treating sexual offenders. After several years he became a polygraph examiner again, testing only sex offenders.   Now in retirement, living in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia,  he spends his time writing. 

His first book “Profile of a Killer” is available at and Barnes and Noble. His second book “For Time and All Eternity” is now available.  Brent has two Masters degrees, one in Emotional Disturbance and one in social work. He has written several peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters. 

He and his first (AND ONLY!!!) wife Mary have been married 50 years. He says it  just seems like yesterday.

"Brent is  not just an author, but an expert in polygraphs and counseling, an excellent cook and custard maker, a hopeless dog lover, wonderful husband and father,  great friend and one of the all time nice people."  according to a dear friend from Alva Florida.